Comparative Inequality & Inclusion Cluster | Monthly Seminar


Wednesday, October 13, 2021, 12:00pm to 1:30pm



Cluster affiliates come together to share their in-progress research and gain insights from fellow affiliates on how to improve and develop their work.

  • Elena Ayala-Hurtado and Ioana Sendroiu on What sorts of futures? A longitudinal analysis of future expectations and political behavior”
  • Annette Idler on From Shadow Citizenship to Uncertainty:  Understanding Perceived Security in the Aftermath of War
  • Tair Karazi-Presler on Gendered Regimes of Self-Worth in Organizations

This Seminar will be hybrid. CII Cluster affiliates with HUID id may attend in person if they would like. Please sign-up to receive location details.

Cluster affiliates can also join the Seminar virtually. You must register in advance.

For more information, email