Turnout and Voter Insecurity in the French Elections

November 2, 2017

Do economically vulnerable voters care more than the average voter about politics and elections—or less? Weatherhead Scholars Program Fellow Adrien Abecassis, former political advisor to French President François Hollande, offers three explanations.


Adrien Abecassis, Weatherhead Scholars Program Fellow, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

Weatherhead Scholars Program Fellow Adrien Abecassis is a diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in France, with a career in politics. From 2012–2017, he served in the staff of the French President of the Republic, first as a diplomatic advisor in charge of European affairs then as a political advisor. His research interests include diplomacy, European affairs, public opinion, and populism. He also was a lecturer in international politics at the Paris Institute of Political Sciences (Sciences-Po) from 2007 to 2012.