Cresa Pugh

Cresa Pugh

Graduate Student Associate; Graduate Research Fellow, Weatherhead Research Cluster on Comparative Inequality and Inclusion; PhD candidate, Department of Sociology, Harvard University and Program in Social Policy, Harvard Kennedy School.
Affiliate, Weatherhead Research Cluster on Comparative Inequality and Inclusion (2020-2021).

Research interests: Postcolonial and historical sociology, decolonization, British Empire, ethnic and religious violence, museums and memory and Southeast Asia (particularly Myanmar) and sub-Saharan Africa.

Cresa's research examines the struggle for cultural reparations in postcolonial Britain and Nigeria. Situating her work within the frameworks and disciplines of post-/anti-colonial theory, museum studies, and historical sociology, her dissertation explores the dispossession of colonial looted cultural heritage and the politics of repair and resistance within the context of global cosmopolitanism, neoliberalism and capitalism.



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