Book talk by Jennifer Todd


Wednesday, March 13, 2019, 4:00pm


CGIS Knafel Building, Room K262, Harvard University, 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Jennifer Todd is Professor, Member of the Royal Irish Academy, Director of the Institute for British Irish Studies at UCD, UN Global Expert, and member of the advisory board of a number of projects, including the Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring Project. She gained her degrees in philosophy from University of Kent at Canterbury (BA) and Boston University (PhD). The focus of her work, from early analyses of aesthetics and politics to current work on conflict and settlement, state change and identity shift, has been on the interrelation of socio-economic and political processes and processes of cultural change. She has extensive publications, individually and jointly, on ethnicity, identity, conflict and Northern Ireland: the most important include her 1996 Cambridge UP Dynamics of Conflict in Northern Ireland, and her studies of ethnicity and identity. She publishes in a range of journals from West European Politics to Theory and Society, from European Journal of Sociology to Political Studies, from Political Psychology to Nations and Nationalism and many more. Her recent externally funded collective research projects have generated two major data sets - on state elite understandings of the Northern Ireland peace process, and on everyday identity change in each part of Ireland in the 2000s. This has formed the focus of her ongoing publications. She has supervised 12 PhDs  to successful completion over the last ten years and has  mentored over 8 post-doctoral fellows.


Open to the public.