Affiliate Presentations and Talks

Our Cluster affiliates and members of the steering committee are engaged in a wide range of scholarship. This is a collection of some of their work while at the Weatherhead Center.


Comparative Inequality & Inclusion Cluster Symposium on "Race, Inequality, and Visual Culture: New Questions, New Voices" (December 2021)

Comparative Inequality & Inclusion Cluster and Social Exclusion & Inclusion Seminar on “The Return of Inequality” with Michèle Lamont and Jonathan Mijs (October 2021)

WCFIA 2021–2022 Orientation Welcome Address and Academic Panel on “Conflict and Identity Politics” with Melani Cammett and Diane Davis (August 2021)

Epicenter podcast at WCFIA with Talia Shiff and A.K.M. Skarpelis, and Elke Winter on "The Blurry Lines of Belonging" (May 2021).

The Blurry Lines of Belonging (with Talia Shiff, Anna Skarpelis, and Elke Winter)

Health and Happiness Seminar Series at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health with Michèle Lamont on "Social Resilience, Hope, and Recognition in the New Gilded Age." (March 2021).


Joint Canada Program and CII Cluster Seminar with Elke Winter on "When States Take Rights Back: Citizenship Revocation and its Discontents" (February 2021).


European Union Seminar at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard with Michèle Lamont on "Populism, Democracy and Recognition." (February 2021).



Weatherhead Forum on "Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities for Sustainability Research” with Michèle Lamont  and Alicia Harley (February 2021).


Joint Weatherhead Center, Harvard University Center for African Studies and the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies talk by Ben Bradlow on "Urban Power: Democracy and Inequality in São Paulo and Johannesburg" (February 2021).


Weatherhead Forum on "Beyond Merit: The Limits of Meritocracy” with Michèle Lamont and Jonathan Mijs  (February 2021).


Harvard Inequality & Social Policy Seminar with Michèle Lamont on "New Engines of Hope after the American Dream" (January 2021).


Weatherhead Forum on “The Current Crisis of American Democracy: Domestic and International Implications” with Michèle Lamont (January 2021).


Special Cluster Seminar on "Multidisciplinary Approaches to Studying Social Change" with Michèle Lamont, Dan CarpenterDiane Davis, Alisha Holland and David Kennedy. (December 2020).


Weatherhead Forum on “US Election Results: Domestic and International Implications” with Michèle Lamont (November 2020).

Weatherhead Forum | “US Election Results: Domestic and International Implications”


Weatherhead Forum on "Rethinking Resistance Politics in Troubling Times: Transnational Queer Solidarity During COVID-19” with Michèle Lamont and Gökce Yurdakul (October 2020).


WCFIA's US-Japan program panel on “Civil Society and Policy Advocacy in Contemporary East Asia” with Kanoko Kamata (October 2020)

Weatherhead Forum on "Thinking the Future: New Perspectives on Globalization and Health under COVID-19” with Michèle Lamont (September 2020)

WCFIA 2020–2021 Orientation Welcome Address and Academic Panel on “Global, International, and Comparative Studies in Pursuit of Social Justice” with Michèle Lamont (August 2020)

Weatherhead Center launch event celebrating the release of the 2019

Daedalus issue "Inequality as a Multidimensional Process," a collective volume by CIFAR’s Successful Societies program with Jennifer Hochschild and Michèle Lamont (November 2019)

Weatherhead Form on “Naturalization and Multicultural Citizenship for the Highly Skilled” with Elke Winter (November 2019)

Weatherhead Forum on "The Paradox of Purity: Comparing Veganism as a Cultural Practice in France and Israel” with Nina Gheihman (November 2019)

Weatherhead Forum on “Citizenship, Migration, Deportation” with Yossi Harpaz, Charlotte Lloyd, Talia Shiff and A.K.M. Skarpelis (October 2019)

Weatherhead Forum: Research Cluster on Comparative Inequality and Inclusion presents “Citizenship, Migration, Deportation” (October 2019)

Weatherhead Forum on “Democracy without Redistribution: Perceived Inequality and Preferences for Redistribution” with Yeon Ju Lee (November 2018)
The Weatherhead Forum Featuring the Program on U.S.-Japan Relations "Democracy without Redistribution: Perceived Inequality and Preferences for... | By Weatherhead Center for International Affairs | Facebook on Facebook

Weatherhead Center panel presentation on "Trump’s Impact on the World: Melani Cammett on the Middle East" (August 2018) with Melani Cammett (August 2018)

Weatherhead Forum on “Ethnic Bias and Wage Inequality: Do Coworkers' Attitudes Matter for Immigrants' Earnings?" with Hilary J. Holbrow (November 2017)
The Weatherhead Forum: "Ethnic Bias and Wage Inequality: Do Coworkers' Attitudes Matter for Immigrants' Earnings?" | Featuring the Program on U.S.-Japan Relations with Hilary J. Holbrow | By Weatherhead Center for International Affairs | Facebook on Facebook

Michèle Lamont delivers 2017 American Sociological Association Presidential Address, "Culture, Inequalities and Social Inclusion Across the Globe" (August 2017)

Weatherhead Center panel discussion on "Frontier Questions in the Study of Inequalities and Social Inclusion" with Michèle Lamont. and Michael Stein (April 2016)