Arturo Rodríguez Morató

Arturo Rodríguez Morató

Visiting Scholar, Weatherhead Scholars Program (spring 2021 and 2022); Professor of Sociology and Director of the Consolidated Research Group CECUPS, University of Barcelona.
Affiliate, Weatherhead Research Cluster on Comparative Inequality and Inclusion (2020-2022).

Research interests: Societal value of culture, urban cultural regeneration, cultural policy systems, artistic professions and dynamics of cultural creation. 

Arturo is leading a research project on the societal value of culture aiming to produce an improved understanding of its intrinsic plurality which could inspire better cultural policies. Next year the project consortium will carry out fieldwork in different contexts of cultural production, reception and administration for identifying how these values emerge in practice. Taking stock of the results, during his stay at WCFIA Arturo will work on a synthetic overview of the existing conflictual multiplicity of values in the institutional realm of culture.


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