Bo Yun Park

Bo Yun Park

Postdoctoral Scholar, Social Science Data Lab, University of California, Berkeley (2021-2022); Ph.D. in Sociology, Harvard University.
Affiliate, Weatherhead Research Cluster on Comparative Inequality and Inclusion (2017-2022).
Bo Yun Park_2021

Research interests: Political Sociology, cultural sociology, social change, political participation, technology, social inclusion/exclusion, comparative inequality, computational text analysis, mixed methods 

Bo Yun is focusing on turning her dissertation into a book. Her dissertation provides a cultural assessment of what it means to be “presidential” in France and the US by examining how social media and big data analytics are affecting the scripts of political leadership in the digital age. Bo Yun plans to present her findings at several conferences both in the US and France. She is also wrapping up several research projects - 1) political inequality and youth political participation, 2) the resonance of news media frames, and 3) the political implications of big data. 


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