Derek Robey

Derek Robey

Graduate Student Associate & Graduate Research Fellow, Canada Program, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs (2021-2022);; Ph.D. candidate in Department of Sociology, Harvard University.
Affiliate, Weatherhead Research Cluster on Comparative Inequality and Inclusion (2018-2022).
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Research interests: Social stratification (especially with regard to race, class, and gender) and religion in the United States, especially connection between cultural processes and systems of inequality and stratification.

Derek is a cultural sociologist interested in issues related to ethnoracial and religious pluralism and multiculturalism. His is currently working on his dissertation, which looks at cases of renaming shared spaces (schools, lakes, plazas, streets, institutions, etc.) in attempts to grapple with the racist national legacies. He is comparing these efforts and the resistance to them in the United States and Canada. Additionally, he studies how discrimination shapes social networks.


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