Poulomi Chakrabarti

Poulomi Chakrabarti

Postdoctoral Fellow, Weatherhead Scholars Program (spring 2021-fall 2021); Assistant Professor, Department of Political Studies, Queen's University.
Affiliate, Weatherhead Research Cluster on Comparative Inequality and Inclusion (2020-2022).

Research interests: Political economy of development, identity politics, inequality, urban politics and India. 

Poulomi examines the effects of social status on redistribution and public goods provision in multiethnic societies. Her ongoing projects employ a wide variety of methodological approaches, including survey experiments and statistical analysis, ethnography, elite-interviews, and comparative historical analysis. This year she plans to revisit a number of articles and start work on her book manuscript - on how caste has been instrumental in shaping the distinct development trajectories of Indian states in the last century. 


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